D.Schu Designs: Graphic Designer, Web Designer, Photographer and Fine Artist
Dustin Schumacher Biography and Design Process


Dustin Schumacher graduated with a Bachelor of Fine Arts from Tyler School of Art at Temple University in May, 2010. Professor Charles Schmidt was a great influence on Dustin's desire to learn realism. Under Professor Schmidt's teaching, Dustin learned the principles of color, the human figure, and oil painting. He then continued his studies in the Fine Arts at the school for contemporary realist art, Studio Incamminati. Under the guidance of Robin Frey at Studio Incamminati, Dustin studied drawing and painting the human figure and still life to refine his observational and technical skills. Most recently, Dustin has earned a certification in graphic design and web design at Bucks County Community College.

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My Design Process

1. Identify

Ensuring that both the needs and expectations of the client are met is one of my primary concerns when taking on a project. The first step is to accurately identify and understand those needs and expectations so that both realistic and client-centric goals and objectives can be defined.

2. Investigate

In-depth research is required in order to accurately assess the project’s objective. This assessment is achieved by exploring and examining the client's company, industry, competition, marketing strategy, and target audience.

3. Integrate

Identifying and investigating the needs of the client are then integrated to form a plan of action. This consists of determining the project's place within the overall marketing strategy and the specifications for the project.

4. Illustrate

Ideas are given shape and come to life from the concepts formed in the previous steps. This requires repeated drafts and revisions until a final design emerges that is both practically functional and aesthetically pleasing to the client and the target audience.

5. Implement

The final product is built one step at a time by implementing revisions in the project's structure and design. This step may involve creation and integration of additional content to meet the expectations of the client.

6. Improve

Until the final creation is ready for release multiple tests are conducted and last minute improvements are made through client feedback. This step continues as part of an ongoing effort to meet the client's needs and objectives for the project.

7. Inspire

The project is completed and ready to be deployed, published, distributed, and publicized, confident that it will satisfy the client, impress and inspire the target audience in conformity with the project's purpose.