D.Schu Designs: Graphic Designer, Web Designer, Photographer and Fine Artist

Design & Development

Concept and Production

This project encompases all aspects of the initial steps to design and develop the home page of a website. The first stage of development started with brainstorming ideas. What resulted from this process was a hand drawn sketch of the home page layout. From the sketch a wireframe was created to further develop the concept. Please note changes are being made as the process continues to develop throughout each step. The next step marks the begining of the production phase, the wireframe is then coded to provide a live example of the design. The live example is then further developed and redesigned to meet the goals, requirements and satisfaction of the client.


The main objective of this example was to produce a contact form that redirects the user to a "Thank You" confirmation page upon submitting the form. Through the use of Google Analytics tracking code on the confirmation page, data can be collected and used to understand the conversion rate of traffic to the website and the success ratio of "transactions" of completing the contact form. This contact form also validates all form fields and sanitizes user input.